Hannya were distant cousins of the Bog Hag. They were a female shugenja who made a pact with a Kansen to effect her a permanent transformation.

Appearance and Demeanor Edit

The upper half part of its body resembled an elderly human female, with a long, hooked nose, a forked tongue, and black eyes covered with a milky film. The body was lean and and bony whith green skin. The fingers ended in sharp claws. The rest of the body was serpent-like. [1] The hannya was prone to intense fits of jealousy or anger. It liked to mimic humans, practicing their favored activities, but the Hannya used not to be so much skilled. The Hannya would kill all who might have witnessed its failures. [2]

Abilities Edit

The hannya used to prey the weak and helpless, withdrawing when the opponent was a match. It used her shapehifting abilities to assume the form of an old woman, and planted a suggestion in her prey's mind to force them to help or accompany an old lady. During the ensuing pleasant conversation the hannya attacked her victim. [1]

Weakness Edit

Hannya hated violets, they never entered a home with them, and a human carrying violets was immune to her mind abilities. [3]

Known Hannya Edit

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