The City of the Prosperous Dawn (Hannei Yoake Toshi) was the sole major Rokugani settlement in the Eternal Danger Islands, and it was built at Hantei's Point, the island which was connected to mainland Rokugan through the massive Fortune's Favor Bridge. It laid in the center of seven forested hills, and land had been cleared around it for farms and rice paddies. [1]

Creation Edit

The City of the Prosperous Dawn began as a small four story keep on a cleared plain. Due to the very rapid speed with which the keep was constructed, the first Imperial administrator named it Shiro no Raiden, the Castle of Lightning. [2]

Incident Edit

Under the rule of the governor Miya Onako, peasant woodsmen came racing into the city, reporting of dead bodies in a forest nearby. A group of Rokugani had been pinned down by unknown creatures. The city commander Matsu Tadaka aided the Unicorn in the investigation. [3]

Notable Locations Edit


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