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Created by: Asahina Yajinden
First used by: Hida Tenburo
Currently in the possession of: Handan, a conscious, interactive entity on its own

Judgement, also known as Handan, was the last of the four Bloodswords [1] forged by Asahina Yajinden in 508 on the Anvil of Despair. [2] In 1176 the sword became a conscious, interactive entity known only as Handan. [3]

Appearance Edit

Judgement was an ornate katana with a drop-shaped ruby on the blade's hilt. [4]

Abilities Edit

The bearer attacked any who he believed that had misled or offended him. [5] Judgement was probably the most subtle of the Bloodswords as it affected a basic task of a samurai's duties - judging others. However the bloodsword drove its bearer to become overzealous in his judgement, harshly punishing even the smallest infractions. [citation needed]

History Edit

Hida Tenburo Edit

Judgement was first given to the Crab Clan Champion, Hida Tenburo, who saw sin and folly in everyone around him and eventually was driven mad by the blade. In 509 used it to murder his personal guard, and then his children in their sleep, then took his own life with the sword, after finding them unworthy of the legacy of Hida. [2] [6] [5]

Isawa Mizuhiko Edit

Judgement surfaced again in 1170, when it was discovered in the possession of the Dark Oracle of Earth Yasuki Nokatsu. Nokatsu intended on using the sword, but his plans were foiled by a group of Phoenix shugenja. One of the group, Isawa Mizuhiko, used the blade to kill Nokatsu. [4]

Mizuhiko continued to wield the blade, and in 1171 used it to kill the Dark Oracle of Air, Jomyako. [7]

In the month of the Rooster of 1172 [8] Mizuhiko used the blade against the Dark Oracle of Fire, grievously wounding Chosai. [9]

In 1173 the blade found all men around Mizuhiko unworthy, claiming their lives. Mizuhiko remained apart of other rokugani, denying to quench its thirst. Even he did not wield the sword to kill Destroyers, watching the Battle of the River of Gold instead of rushing into it. [10] It seemed Judgement reacted to Mizuhiko's decision, and drove him to a bizarre behaviour.

In 1176 Mizuhiko used Judgement to kill Matsu Turi, the Dark Oracle of Water. The blade also transformed Mizuhiko into a new being, known as Handan. [11]

Handan Edit

The blade became a walking, killing weapon at this point. As Handan moved to the gaijin island of Anisrana. Handan judged everyone on the island by the laws of Rokugan, so everybody fell short. [3] It first killed a fifteen year-old boy, Monja. [11]

Wielders of Judgement Edit

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