Hand of the Obsidian Dragon
Hand of the Obsidian Dragon
Created by: Obsidian Dragon
First used by: Kakita Kensho-in
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

The Hand of the Obsidian Dragon was a gift from the Obsidian Dragon. It was bestowed upon Kakita Kensho-in by Shosuro Maru, the Voice of the Obsidian Moon. [1]

Appearance Edit

From the tips of her fingers to midway between her wrist and elbow, the hand was encased in some rigid, black substance. It glinted like glass, but did not crack when attempted to move the fingers; instead, it seemed to move as naturally as normal fingers. [1]

Abilities Edit

The bearer would pursue the agenda of his patron. He could not avoid it, even if he wished to do so. He would fan the flames of vice and sin, and those whom he touched were either destroyed or made stronger. [2] The hand was indestructible, and might not be severed or destroyed by any known means. [3]

Known Bearers Edit

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