Hand of the Jade Dragon
Hand of the Jade Dragon
Created by: Jade Dragon
First used by: Matsu Benika
Currently in the possession of: Matsu Benika

The Hand of the Jade Dragon was a jade gauntlet gifted by the Jade Dragon. It was believed indestructible. [1] It symbolized the covenant between the new Sun and the heroes of the Empire, and served as an example to all of those who upheld Bushido and virtue. [2]

Abilities Edit

Its bearer was granted with the ability to harness the blessing of the Jade Sun for others. Its purpose was to inspire greatness to men, to encourage valor, honor, and purity. [1]

Matsu Benika Edit

In 1170 it was bestowed upon Matsu Benika by Omen, the Voice of the Jade Sun. [3] The Hand reflected the nature of its current bearer, giving her a deeper connection with her lion allies. [2]

Known Wielders Edit

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