Hand of Peace were those graduated of the Ide Emissary school who adhered to the beliefs of their founder Ide, a man known above all for his talent at easing tensions, with a far more dedicated and even obsessive devotion. [1] They served as good diplomats when dealing with the more peaceful and/or idealistic clans. [2]

Foundation Edit

Their tradition emerged during Ki-Rin's Exodus and they established as part of the Ide school after the Unicorn returned to Rokugan. The Hand's membership was rarely over thirty samurai in a given generation. [3]

Tradition Edit

The Hand of Peace carried swords, but they were sworn never to draw their blades to kill. The tsuba was tied to the saya with an elaborate peace knot, and some of them used the bokken. Most practitioners were at least slightly ascetic, and additional vows of self-denial were not uncommon. Those who failed in their vows committed seppuku or undertook extensive religious penance. [1]

Known Technique Edit


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