Hanan Talibah 
Hanan Talibah 
Born: 815 
Died: 1132 
Parents: Hadi Talibah,
Un-named slave courtesan 
Titles: Caliph

Hanan Talibah, the "Immortal Caliph", was the first woman that became the Caliph, as Hanan I.

Early Years Edit

Youth Edit

In the 9th century Hanan was born as the daughter of Hadi Talibah and a female slave. Her father was an aide of the Merchant King of House Basiri, Aqil al-Basiri. [1] She lost her mother in an accident very young and her father spent around nine months a year away from their home at Medinat al-Salaam due to his work. She was raised by servants, and grew fearful of death and loneliness. [2]

Orphan Edit

In 830, [3] on the eve of her fifteenth birthday, she rummaged through her father's belongings, recently returned from the Senpet Empire, looking for her gift. Instead, she discovered a copy of the Senpet Book of the Dead. Shortly after, her father was murdered in the Residential Quarter of his city. Because she had no other relatives, the Merchant King took charge of his aide's estate, "adopted" Hanan, and auctioned all of her belongings. [2]

Fears Edit

Young Hanan was deeply affected by the death of her parents, and she developed an extreme fear of death as well as a resultant fear of being left alone. These fears were instrumental in the most prominent actions Hanan took in her life. [2]

Book of the Dead Edit

She soon had reasons to hate the Merchant King, who treated her as his property and was open about his intention to sell her as a wife, as he had done with Hanan's mother. She secretly learnt the Senpet language from a servant and studied the Book, that she had somehow managed to keep hidden. The Book taught her about the Senpet's cosmology, and many secrets. It also had secondary effects over her: her magical ability increased, and her inner fears became full grown obsessions. [2]

Becoming a Khadi Edit

The Merchant King was her first victim, stabbed twelve times in the chest. She knew the penalty would be her death and came to the Book of the Dead to find a escape. [4] From teachings found in the Book, she created a new magical technique - the Ceremony of the Hidden Heart - that allowed her to make herself immortal, and her enemies into undead thralls: the Khadi, [2] one of the first non-Senpet to be created. [5] Talibah left the house after she told the guards an assassin had killed the King Merchant. [4]

Seizing the power Edit

Hanan Talibah 2

Hanan Talibah

Caliph Edit

Her magical power increased and she soon become the most powerful sahir in the city. She had returned with a group of khadi and Hanan openly worked to aid the people with her magical power, while at the same time several sahir were killed in secret by her khadi guard. [4] When in 828 [6] the Caliph died in an accident, Hanan was claimed as the new Caliph by the people, and she had also the support of the Prince Hassan, [4] because she was indeed the lover of the Sultan's son since 825, and became the Caliph. [7]

Khadi guard Edit

The Qadi suffered many incidents with casualties, and their posts were filled with the loyalist Khadi. The heartless suffered the curse of those who had performed the ceremony, and their behaviour became bizarre, or even mad. They were the Caliph's enforcers through fear and brutality. The people became to realize the true nature of Hanan and her followers. [4]

Sultan is slain Edit

The Sultan after one year began to criticize Hanan. [4] She manipulated the Prince into killing his father the Sultan. [2] Using her wiles and dark magics she had placed the Prince under her control. [6]

De facto ruler Edit

She governed alone for a time, but the people claimed a new Sultan to replace the murdered. A new Sultan was appointed, on her recommendation, chosing a member of the House Menjari, from the family al-Rassulii. [4] Hanan became the de facto ruler of Medinat al-Salaam. From that moment on, she governed the city with an iron fist, with her Khadi patrolling the streets. [2]

Insane Edit

The Caliph's reign became crueler with each passing year, as the influence of the Book of the Dead began to affect her mind and that of her undying followers. By the end of her first century, the Caliph was insane. [8] The new sutan lasted fourty years, and was succeeded by his son. Hanan was as young as when the Sultan had begun to reign and she finally revealed her true nature, an immortal Khadi. [9]

Revolters Edit

Her revelation disgusted the people, and the Qabal led a revolt against the Caliph, which was crushed in less than a month. The Sultan enacted a law that forbade the use of the magic, but the Khadi. [10] Always fearful of anybody challenging her, she forbade any practitioners of magic into the city, and shut down or even burnt down all the libraries, [2] and razed the University. [11]

Enemies Edit

Assassins Edit

The Prince was cursed by the murdered Sultan's mistress, the Grey Woman, and became the immortal Old Man of the Mountain. [2] Two decades after Hanan became the Caliph she confronted the assassin of Khadi known as Man of the Mountain. He was easily defeated by her, but Hanan spared his life when she recognized her former lover. Three decades later the Old Man used the curse as incentive fighting the Caliph and avenging his father founding the Assassins sect. His daughters (and some of his least crippled sons) were trained as ruthless killers, dedicated to undermining the Caliphate. [12]

Qabal Edit

Renegade men of learned quality as well as a great amount of sahirs founded the Qabal. Its goal was to destroy the Caliphs hold over the people of the Sultanate. They wanted the shelves of the libraries restocked with the scrolls, and books of knowledge taken from them. [2]

12th Century Edit

Lover Edit

It was known the Caliph had a lover. From her relation she had four trophies, and the man bore an eyepatch and was known as Seff Seven-Fingers for obvious reasons. [13]

The Senpet and the Moto War Edit

In 1129 [8] an alliance with the Senpet Empire renewed the strength of the city guard and provided the city with a Senpet standing army. [2] The Senpet began to buy states in the Jewel and some said they owned half of the city buildings. [14] As part of their alliance with the Caliph, the Senpet had to defend her from any outside threats. In 1130 on a routine surveillance of the lands surrounding the Jewel of the Desert, the Senpet met a group armed and headed in Medinaat al-Salaam's direction. They were attacked and defeated, taking the men into slavery. The group were the exiled Scorpion Clan and their escort. During the return, the Moto Clan attempted to free their distant Rokugani cousins, but failed. The Moto-Senpet War began. [15]

Yodotai Edit

Yodotai scouts came across the Burning Sands and the Caliph invited them to the palace as konored guests. She began plotting to manipulate this strange new power to her advantage. The Yodotai Warlord decidef to personally inspect the city. [16]

Avatar of the Goddess Edit

The Caliph interrogates Hekau

The Caliph interrogates Hekau

Hanan knew that an avatar of the Goddess had been reincarnated in one child, called Amru. She sent her Khadi to take her with them, but they were magically killed by an unknown sahir. [17] When the sahir was apprehended, he was recognized as the Senpet Hekau, an advisor of the Pharaoh. [18] He was personally questioned by the Caliph, who wished to know how he had killed her immortal khadi, an unnexpected show of power. Hekau did not know how had he managed to do it, and Hanan passed him to the Senpet their betrayer. [19]

The Robber Edit

Hanan listened the tales a imprisoned tomb raider, the Robber, told her to delay his execution. [14]

Loss of the Heart Edit

In 1131 Hanan suffered two great lost, the Book of the Dead and her Black Heart disappeared. She began to seek who was the responsible and their current location. By happenstance they had been taken by Keseth, who had fled from the Jewel with them. The Caliph was enraged with Ghiyath, because she considered he was the responsible of the loss. She commanded Ghiyath to the Senpet and the Jinn of the Tempest. [20] The Caliph also sent the Khadi Indira under his tracks. [21]

Advisors dismissed Edit

Caliph's advisors

Caliph's advisors

The Caliph was bored by the endless bickering of her advisors, and decided to dismiss them all. [22]

Fourth Avatar Edit

After countless hours of research, the Caliph finally knew the identity of the last Avatar, and prepared to kill her. [23]

Sultan's DeathEdit

Yusef's death

Yusef's death

Eventually she killed the Sultan Yusef III, because Hanan believed he was an obstacle for the events that was happening. [24] The Caliph used the spell Discorporation against him in the middle of the Jewel's Court. [25]

Attacked Edit

The Erba'a Alliance confronted Hanan power in 1132. [26] When her enemies approached the city she sent the Senpet agains them outside the walls. [27] The Alliance broke through the city walls, and open warfare erupted on the streets. [28] The Senpet faltered in the defense. The Moto and Hanif slaves attacked them remorselessly, and they were forced to back down from the struggle, leaving the Ebonites and Khadi to stand alone. [citation needed] Finally realizing the Caliph's betrayal, the Senpet Pharaoh Hensatti dispatched a Phalanx of guards to help end the Caliph's rule. [29] Attacked from all sides, the Caliph sent her elite guard into battle, [citation needed] but soon even they were also defeated. As the battles ended with the defeat of the Caliph and her henchmen, even the Senpet, Ivory Kingdoms Ruhmal worshippers, and city folk turned on the Khadi. [30] Her Khadi fair little better, particularly against the Ashalan Lammassar, who had collected three Khadi hearts in their Ivory Boxes, making him all but invulnerable to their powers. [31]

Death Edit

The vendetta of the Assassins ended this year with the death of the Old Man himself, assassinated by his eldest daughter, Fatima, [32] and later the death of Hanan during the Shattering of the Jewel. [33] The young Senpet sahir Keseth destroyed the Ivory Box and the Caliph's black heart which was inside, and that had fueled so many of the city's evils for so long. It allowed that Hanan Talibah could die. [34] The release of the Goddess Shinjo from her imprisonement in the Black Earth had allowed the overthrown of the Immortal Caliph. [35]

Story tale Edit

Hanan Talibah's story was recorded by one of the Scribes in the book the Genesis of a Tyrant. [2]


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Old Man of the Mountain's father
828 - 1132
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