The Han-kyu, half-bow, was smaller than the Yumi and the Dai-kyu, the three bows most commonly used in Rokugan. All had the same form but Han-kyu's size made it easier to carry and more conventient to use. [1]

Appearance Edit

Unlike the composite construction of the Dai-kyu the han-kyu was usually made out of a single piece of wood or horn. The size and weight of the bow made it ideal for situations where it had to be readied quickly or when stealth was essential. For these reasons it was a favourite weapon among harriers, ninja, [2] traveling magistrates or scouts who depended upon speed and stealth. [3]

It had small range and little stopping power. Arrows fired from hankyu were the size of crossbow bolts but without the velocity, and would bounce off any real armor. [4]

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A concealed Han-kyu


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