A Haiku being written

A haiku was a traditional poem, oftenly evocative and sometimes elitist. [1] Developed from the popular hokku, it was the most common, famous, and celebrated of Rokugan's poetry forms, praised as the purest demonstration of a poet's ability. [2]

Construction Edit

It was written in a pattern of approximately 5-7-5 [3] morae (phonetic units). It also contained a special "season word" descriptive of the season in which the haiku was set in. Haiku typically aimed to capture a single scene or emotion- such as the sight of the first fall of snow, or a single black crow upon a wilting branch- in a precise, metered manner. [citation needed] The simple structure of a haiku could contain extremely complex ideas and notions, expressing all manner of emotion and inherent truths. [4]

Conventions Edit

Haiku was expected to contain a kiru, a “cutting” element, which presented two images or ideas that seemingly contradict one another, which were contrasted or ironically linked by the author. The images were separated by a “cutting word,” known as a kireji, And a haiku must also contain a kigo, or “seasonal word,” which related it to one of the four seasons. [5]

Origin Edit

Haiku were originally developed by the ronin poet Rezan. Until that time most poetry shorter than five lines was considered frivolous. [6] Other said the emergence of haiku occurred long before he was born. [5]

Duels Edit

It became popular to made duels of Haiku, to demonstrate own poetry skills. [7]

External Links Edit

Duel of Haiku

Duel of Haiku


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