Hagaken Mokumokuren, the Ghost of a Thousand Hungry Eyes, was a benevolent gaki of great power, [1] a ghost that no one had ever seen, though some Hantei Emperors believed they had sensed its presence protecting their sleep. [2]

Table of Hagakure Edit

The story of Mokumokuren and the Tablet of Hagakure was shrouded in mystery. One hundred fifty years ago, Isawa Hagakure was a minor diplomat and shugenja in the Imperial Palace. One night he was murdered as he slept, and the killer was never found. News of assassination was kept secret to preserve the honor of the Hantei and Emperor commanded the record to state that "Hagakure has passed in his sleep. The Empire shall miss his watchful eye". [2]

The imperial historians whispered that Hagakure's name should be stricken from the true records. Two months after the murder, two Ikoma assassins plotted to stole into the Emperor's chamber to kill him in the same manner as Hagakure. The Ghost appeared while the Emperor was sleeping and murdered the assailants in the Imperial bedchamber. [1] The next morning, the emperor discovered a black stone funeral tablet with the name Hagakure engraved on one side and the word Guardian on the other. Every emperor since then kept the tablet beside his bed, was protected by Mokumokuren. [2]

Appearance Edit

The Hagaken mokumokuren was an insubstantial spirit that resembled a warrior in a bright red kimono wielding a katana. Thousands of small eyes covered the spirit’s arms and body, accompanied by the small stone tablet engraved with its name. It only took form when the owner of the tablet was in danger from creatures of other Spirit Realms. [3]

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Sources Conflict
The sources relating to this article are in conflict with each other.
In Winter Court: Kyuden Kakita is called Hakagure instead Hagakure.


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