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Born: Unknown 
Parents: Gendo

Hachiro was a peasant who lived in the farming village of Chibasu.

Family Edit

Hachiro was the son of Gendo. [1]

Bandits Edit

His father warned Hachiro about the road that led to the mountains.[1] Hachiro didn't know that the villagers were secretely workingout a very profitable exchange with the pirate group known as the Serpents of Sanada, who had a hideout in these mountains. [2]

Broken Tiger Edit

In 1168 Hachiro was still a boy when ronin bandits led by a man known as the Broken Tiger stormed the village, killing the few Lion samurai guards stationed there. Hachiro would have been killed if not for one of the Lion killing his attacker, allowing Hachiro to escape. After overwhelming and killing the Lion, Broken Tiger planted a Dragon Wakizashi to misdirect the Lion retaliation toward their enemies in the War of Silk and Steel. [1]

Revenge Edit

When the Lion led by Akodo Bakin came to investigate, Hachiro told Kishimoto, Bakin's ronin advisor, what had happened. Bakin and his men tracked down the bandits and destroyed them, and the Drunken Tiger was killed. [1]


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