Please note: This article is about one of the children of Kami Shinjo who kept its Unicorn form. For other uses of the term, please see Hachiman (disambiguation).
Hachiman (Ki-rin) 
Born: 153 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Shinjo,
un-named Ki-rin 
Siblings: Kemuri,

Hachiman was one of the children of Kami Shinjo.

Ki-rin's Ancestry Edit

In 153, during the Ki-Rin's Exodus, [1] Shinjo was lured towards a strange oasis, where she suddenly vanished. She returned after seven days disappeared, and a halo shone about her. After several months Shino had a Ki-rin, which bathed with fire, and they saw Shinjo with five children. The shapeshifter children that were born of Shinjo also carried the blood of the creature of ghostly fire, the Ki-rin. [2]

Unicorn Form Edit

Hachiman was one of Shinjo's children, keeping its Unicorn form, as well as its siblings Takakan, Umakorn and Aranat. Kemuri was the only child of Shinjo who took human form. [3]

Witnessing Edit

The siblings ascended to the celestial Heavens, from where they witnessed the events in Ningen-do. In 1199 Aranat was appointed temporarily as the Imperial Regent during the reing of Iweko I, and the rest of siblings who remained in Tengoku supported her. [4]


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