Born: 6th century 
Died: -

Hab-Utet was a Senpet sorcerer who never aged. He was known as Henjo in the Emerald Empire.

Immortality Edit

In the 6th century Senpet sorcerers researched rituals that allowed them to become immortal, to never age. The one used by Hab-Utet (a name which meant “hidden begetting”), was to remove his own reproductive powers into himself. Instead to father children, he used his vitality to selfishly prolong his own life. He remained resembling an age about his fifties. The process of becoming his own father had a secondary effect, deformities caused by the inbreeding, a drawback which he discovered after ninety years. [1]

Fleeing Edit

Hab-Utet found a way to steal the female vitality from a victim. In this way he became mother and father to a new self, dying and being reborn in his quest for perpetual life. To perfect his spell Hab-Utet had to kill several women in few time, and the Senpet realized what he was doing. Hab-Utet was attacked and had to flee. [2]

Ryoko Owari Edit

Ryoko Owari Toshi in the Emerald Empire was his refuge. He took the pseudonym of Henjo. One of his victims was Bayushi Genshi, who was killed in the seventh year of the reign of Hantei XXXIV. She was one of the many healthy, intelligent and attractive woman who were Hab-Utet's victims, a new kill every fifty year. [2]

Process Edit

He stole the female organs, and was reborn as an infant inside his previous body. He then split his old body open, killing it and an infant appeared with the memory and knowledge of an old sorcerer. During the "pregnancy" he was more vulnerable, and when he was born he needed a caretaker. [2]

Suzuko Edit

In 1103 Hab-Utet bought an infant in the black market, Suzuko, and brainwashed her with his mind control magic to be his obedient slave, so that she could wet-nurse him after his next birth. [2]

Scar Edit

A serpent scar followed him from body to body, which torturously moved all over the surface of his skin. This was a parting gift from a mystic of the Senpet, and he could not remove it. [2]

Under cover Edit

Henjo lived as a wealthy timber merchant, in a opulent house near [[Daikoku's Garden]], and who used servants to conduct his business. [3]

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