Born: Unknown 
Titles: Gyushi family Founder

Chuda Gyushi was a craftsman and armorer of the Spider Clan's Chuda family who joined the Daigotsu family as Daigotsu Gyushi after the Chuda's defection. He was granted his own vassal family, and eventually it was elevated to full family, with the name Gyushi.

Gyushi Family Edit

When Empress Iweko I granted the Spider the status of a Great Clan and the Chuda betrayed their former clan, Gyushi forsook his former family and swore fealty to the Daigotsu. After he had forged the Ancestral Armor of the Spider Clan Gyushi was granted the right to found his own Family [1] by Daigotsu Kanpeki, a vassal family. He was given an armory and the promise that if he ever betrays his lords, his life would be forfeited. Thus the Spider Clan has come to possess a Juhin-Kenzoku, a quartermaster or forging family. [2]

Full Spider Family Edit

After the Chuda defection the Spider had recruited shugenja from the students of Asako Kinuye, who lived in the place known as Kinuye's Grove. In 1199 Daigotsu Kanpeki severed any new recruitment from that place after he realized one of these students was not a human being anymore. The Spider Clan Champion summoned Daigotsu Gyushi, requesting him to provide the Spider with its shugenja ranks. [3] The Gyushi family was elevated to a full family of the Spider Clan, taking the name Gyushi. He carefully selected its individual members and slowly increased pressure on them until they become as strong as steel. [1]

War in the Empire Edit

In 1200 Iweko Seiken became Iweko II and shortly after Daigotsu Kanpeki renounced his position as Spider Clan Champion and declared war on the Empire. Gyushi and his vassals escaped from Toshi Ranbo to take refuge at Kyuden Shizuka, where the Susumu Daimyo Susumu Kuroko had assembled her followers. Uncertain of the loyalty of the Susumu dwelling within Kyuden Shizuka, Kanpeki elected to burn all inside. The palace was set to fire by the Daigotsu escort, with its doors locked. Survivors were in the custody of the Daigotsu family. [4]

Preceded by:
Gyushi Daimyo
1178 - Present
Succeeded by:

Sources Conflict
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''Book of Earth (p.36, sidebar) mentions that Chuda Gyushi swears fealty to the new Spider Champion, Daigotsu Kanpeki, when the Chuda leaves the Spider Clan in 1174. But Kanpeki was still a kid back then and the Spider Clan ruled by the Council of the Spider. Leadership was only passed on to Kanpeki when he came of age


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