Gusai Mori 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Parents: Gusai 
Siblings: Un-named siblings

Gusai Mori was the second Mantis Clan Champion of the Gusai family.

Family Edit

Mori was the eldest son of Gusai [1] the first Mantis Champion recognized in Rokugan. [2]

Gaijin Ambassadors Edit

In 440 gaijin ambassadors from the Merenae and Thrane kingdoms arrived to Golden Sun Bay. Mori met in secret with the Merenae leader, Teodoro Cornejo, and bargained preferential trade agreements. In return Mori introduced them in the Imperial Court, and the delegation was granted an audience with the Empress Hantei Yugozohime. The Empress granted them safe harbor and a limited trade presence in Otosan Uchi. She gave them two years to prove their honor. [3] Mori received a gift from the gaijin, a lodestone rod suspended in a bowl of water that points always to the south, a “direction finder”. [4]

Thrane Plot Edit

In winter of 441 Cornejo told Mori that the Thrane admiral Garen Hawthorne had planned to betray and kill the Merenae expedition, so he could claim all trade rights and gold from the voyage. Mori alongside with Teodoro devised a counter plan, to place false charges against the Thrane. As soon as the Empress returned from winter court Mori met her privately accusing Garen of plans against the Imperial Throne. The plan backfired when she cited an earlier decision of the Emerald Champion, who settled the gaijin had to be treated as a whole regardless of supposed ‘national’ ties. [5]

Rokugani Isolation Edit

In 442 the gaijin, both Thrane and Merenae, were requested to leave the Empire. They retaliated with violence in the Battle of White Stag and the Battle of Raging Seas, being the Empress one of the fallen. [6] Mori was a proponent of the Imperial Edict prohibiting trade with the gaijin nations, as part of an agreement with the heads of the Cornejo family. Under this agreement, the Cornejo would gain exclusive covert access to the Mantis, while a rival family would be shut out of Rokugan completely. The plot worked, and both the agreement and the edict persevere to this day. [7]

Gaijin smuggling Edit

During these events the Tortoise Clan had appeared, a Minor Clan which began to conduct smuggling trade with the Merenae instead the Mantis. Mori was acclaimed as a hero for the Clan's participation against the gaijin fleet. [8]

See also Edit


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Preceded by:
Mantis Clan Champion
429 - ?
Succeeded by:
Gusai Rioshida

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