Guru were men equal part mystic and teacher, similar to the Rokugani sensei. They practiced the arts of focusing and channeling spiritual power through their bodies, which were the base of the Sainika martial art, which allowed startling feats of physical prowess or even crude healing rituals. They were chased by the Cult of Ruhmal and nearly wiped out to a man. A few gurus survived, and stepped forward to confront the ruhmalist each time they became a threat. They also passed their fighting arts on to the Kshatriya, an order of warriors sworn to protect the Kingdoms, but their spiritual powers remained secret. [1] After the Destroyer War several of the surviving guru traveled back into the jungle and sought out one of the temples of Vishnu, to live there and save as much knowledge as possible. [2]

Abilities Edit

Guru were monastic holy man who culd see through deception, recognizing immortal Rakshasa who were in guise of humans. [3]

Known Guru Edit


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