Guardians were Phoenix bushi trained to work with shugenja in leadership roles, who even may participate, as secondary shugenja, in Ritual Magic. [1]

Guardians Edit

  • The Guardian of Air was equipped to lead his unit with great skill.
  • The Guardians of Earth understood how to stand firm. “We are a mountain” was the credo of these elemental students, trained under the tutelage of Isawa Tadaka before his descent into obsession.
  • The Guardians of Fire were trained in iaijutsu and leadership to command small units during battle. These disciples of Isawa Tsuke were renowned duelists second only to graduates of the Kakita Academy.
  • The Guardians of Water had a great understanding of the ever-changing battlefield, but also of defensive maneuvers and the ability to make use of troop movements on the field.
  • The Guardians of the Void were knowledgeable in the working of Void, they understood the strength that laid dormant in all things and how to tap the inner strength within those whom they led.

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