The Grey Woman's Curse was made by the Ra'Shari Grey Woman against the Prince Hassan and his descendants, who later would be known as the Children of the Mountain. [1] They bore marks, twisted features, internal deformities, or were slow minded, among others. [2]

End of the Curse Edit

In 1132 during the events of the Awakening one of the leaders of the Assassins, Haroun, gathered the male members of the Order and made a suicidal attack against the Senpet Garrison at Medinaat al-Salaam. This day the lineage of the Old Man was no more. [3] His undead daugther, Fatima, stabbed the Old Man in the back, killing him and ending the curse. [4] The Grey woman sent the Old Man's Owl with a card in its beak to Adira, the Old Man's adopted daughter, as a message that the curse had finished. [5]


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