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RPG Information Edit

Rakshasa General

Greater Rakshasa

Greater Rakshasa

Statistics Edit

Air 6 Earth 5 Fire 7 Water 5
Reflexes 6 Stamina 5 Agility 7 Strength 5
Awareness 8 Willpower 54 Intelligence 7 Perception 8

Important Statistics Edit

Attack 5k5 (With claws)
Damage 5K4 (With claws)
TN to be Hit 30
Carapace 6
Wounds 30: -1
50: -2
75: -3
90: -4
115: Dead

Special Abilities Edit

Rakshasa Qualities Edit

A Greater Rakshasa also had two packages of additional abilities:

Spells Edit

Rakshasa do not cast spells as the shugenja of Rokugan understand them, but their gaijin magic allowed them to invoke effects identical to those of the following spells: Dominate the Mind, Essence of Air, Mists of Illusion, Secrets on the Wind, Teleportation.

Skills Edit

Acting 6
Athletics 4
astrology 3
Defense 3
Hand to Hand 5
History 4
Hunting 4
Intimidation 5
Lore: Ivory Kingdoms 5
Manipulation 5
Mimic 7
Sincerity 6
Stealth 6
Torture 5

Major References Edit

  • Secrets of the Mantis, pages 91-93

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