The Great Tree of Big-Big Forest was an ancient, wide, gnarled tree inside the southern edge of Shinomen Mori. It was considered a sacred place among the nezumi. The tree's surface was covered in a bizarre series of gnawed markings, the record of the entire history of the Tattered Ear Tribe. Periods of conflict were particularly detailed, including the tragic War of the Lost Pups once waged with the Squeaky Eyeball Tribe. [1]

Discovery Edit

When the Forever Racing Tomorrow Tribe split in three, the Tattered Ear moved to the Shinomen. The discovery of the Great Tree was taken as a sign by the chieftain, and the Rememberers would forever keep the tribe's history upon the surface of the ancient tree. Each time the tribe returned from its long migration pattern, the first task upon entering the Shinomen forest was always to update the tribal history upon the Great Tree. [1]


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