Great Falls Castle

Great Falls Castle

Great Falls Castle (D2) was a center of learning and the arts of the Dragon Clan, as well as one of their greatest weapons storehouses [1] and other resources, stockpiled in case an invasion, siege, or other calamity strikes the clan. [2] It was located in the Kaitou province. [3]

Origins Edit

The remote castle was built in the 5th century by a Togashi monk who had been born a Kaiu over a roaring waterfall. A river run under the castle and the falls spilled out from under the castle's main gates. The spectacular views inspired some of the Dragon Clan's greatest poets, painters, and playwrights. [4] Local stories claimed the castle was originally built to control the flow of the waterfall, and was able to release torrents of water onto any invaders. [3]

Dojo Edit

Great Falls Castle 2

Great Falls Castle (D2)

The castle was the greatest dojo of the Dragon Clan outside of the ancient and legendary Iron Mountain Dojo itself, training Mirumoto Bushi, Kitsuki Investigator, and Kitsuki Justicar schools. [2]

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