The Great Eye of the Desert was the capital of the Senpet Empire.

Founding Edit

In the year 60 the Senpet began to build the biggest city of the history in a river side. The Senpet never stopped to expand the city. In the year 1130 it doubled the size of any other city in the world. [1]

Fading Edit

In 1128 the flame in the Great Eye had faded as the desert winds carved away at their mighty monuments and pyramids. In order to circumvent an ancient prophecy, the Pharaoh Hensatti turned to the Jewel of the Desert to make certain her mighty civilization did not fall victim to the unforgiving desert winds and the wrath of Shilah, Lady Sun. [2]

Conquered Edit

In 1160 the Great Eye of the Desert finally fell, during the Yodotai Invasion of Senpet lands. Hensatti died and Aurelian assumed command of the city. [3]


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