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The Great Caravan of Memory was one of the four Ra'Shari Caravans formed during the Splintering which wandered the Burning Sands until the end of the Age, when the No-God Kaleel would return. It was first led by Shandor, [1] and it gathered all the Ra'Shari that his brothers did not take for the other caravans. It also was joined by any Ra'Shari of the other caravans who married to a foreigner. It happened the same with the criminals that were not punished with exile. The Caravan of Memory would change or break them, and they were never bother their original caravans. [2]

Bad Luck Edit

This caravan drew calimity toward it. The bad luck was always alongside their members, so it was a dangerous caravan. At the same time those who had pased desperate events were better prepared for the future. Misfortune always was involving them. [3]

Memory Ra'Shari Appearance Edit

Memory Ra'Shari were expected to be inquisitive and perceptive, with an excellent memory and an almost unhealthy amount of curiosity. [4]

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