The Grave of Seppun held the remains of Seppun, the wise founder of the Seppun family. It was located in the Ugiwa district of Kyuden Seppun. The grave was spared from the Imperial Edict which required cremation instead of burial. The site was considered to be haunted by the spirit of Seppun. [1] Grave of Seppun stood inviolate and no enemy had ever despoiled it. [2]

Appearance Edit

Just behind Kyuden Seppun grounds was a low, winding path surrounded by willow trees which led to a stone mausoleum built in an archaic style dating back to the Dawn of the Empire. Its outer frescoes depicted the construction of Otosan Uchi, while its interior walls depicted the Sun, the Moon, and the Seven Fortunes. The ceiling portrayed the constellations visible during the time of the Fall of the Kami. [3]


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