The Grand Master of the Elements, given the title "Naka", was one of the most powerful and respected shugenja in Rokugan. The Grandmaster might be anyone, of any clan. In eschewing clan ties, the Naka were technically ronin, a permanent shugenja version of the ‘musha shugyo’, having embraced a calling that transcended the importance of individual loyalties and alignments. [1]

Naka Edit

Naka was not a true family name at all, but a family name given by the Elemental Dragons to one individual each generation, an individual that displayed the keenest mastery of the elements. It was a name that meant "Understanding." [2] The chosen successor would adopt the Naka surname upon the death of the current Grand Master. [3] Far more often a Grandmaster died without an “heir” and the title disappeared from Rokugan for generations at a time. [1]

Known Techniques Edit

There were a handful of individuals born in each generation who commanded such incredible power that they surpassed other shugenja. [4]

Duty Edit

The grand master's duties were to protect mankind from mystical forces and to foster enlightenment. [5]

Grand Masters of the Elements Edit

The following are the known Grand Masters of the Elements:

Naka Kaeteru 130 - 160
Naka Kuro  ? - 1133
Naka Tokei 1158 - ?
Naka Mahatsu  ? - Present


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