Please note: This article is about the heimin smuggler allied with Daidoji Iyashi. For other uses of the term, please see Gozu (disambiguation).

Gozu was a commoner.

Chonitsu's Pawn Edit

In the late 12th century Gozu was in his thirties, with an ugly scar creasing the center of his face and replacing most of his nose. He was allied with Daidoji Iyashi, a merchant of Kalani's Landing. He collected periodically jade from a mine controlled by a ronin group hired by Iyashi. The mine had been found by his ally's competitor Yasuki Kappako, but the ronin had terrorized his workers to seize the mine. The jade was dispatched to Hinjo, a small merchant caravan which served Doji Chonitsu. The [[Crane Clan|Crane] was a courtier of the Second City an associate of Iyashi, who once accompanied Gozu to see the mine. Eventually, a group of samurai made the bandits fled, and the jade mine returned to his owner. [1]


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