The Governor's Palace in Toshi no Naishou, the seat of power of the Governor of Naishou province, was a four-story building, with a bright red tile roofs and walls bleached white with lime. It was located atop the rocky promontory that comprised the majority of the Samurai Quarter. A small wall surrounded the palace complex on all sides save the Itochu River. Each guest room had a painting dedicating it to one of the Fortunes. The Palace changed hands many times during the eras when the Great Clans fought over the province. The Governor's rooms were situated on the highest floor, with a shrine to the memory of all previous Governors, regardless of clan affiliations. [1]

Legends Edit

It was claimed that ruins were lying under the Palace, once belonged to the Kitsu race, who might still be able to visit there from the Spirit Realms. [2]


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