Goseki family
Patron family: Matsu family
Clan: Lion Clan
Founded: Unknown
Daimyo: None

The Goseki family was a defunct vassal family of the Matsu.

Founding Edit

Matsu Goseki was the founder of the Goseki vassal family. The swords which were presented to Matsu Goseki upon the founding of his family, the Goseki's Daisho, were lost after his death. [1]

Destruction Edit

Doji Retsu was a ruthless duelist and general who seized Toshi Ranbo from the Lion Clan in a daring and violent incursion that destroyed the Goseki family [2] in 1118. [3] Goseki Mochiko was the only survivor alongside with her son [1] Goseki Itto, who became a ronin and bodyguard of Reika, also the last member of a defunct Lion vassal family, the Damasu. [4]

Politics Edit

Goseki Daimyo Edit

Matsu Goseki  ? - ?

Notable Members Edit


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