A Goryo

Goryo were a type of ghost, particularly common in Rokugan due to their origin: they were the restless spirits of murder victims. [1] [2]

Appearance Edit

They were invisible except in the light of the moon, when they appeared in the shape most favored by the murdered victim. Goryo were tinged with a blood-red or a sickly-green aura. A goryo's facial features took on a sharper, almost insectoid appearance. [2]

Haunting Edit

The engulfing tide of fear or despair during their murder shackled them to Ningen-do, the Realm of Mortals, as incorporeal Spirits until they were released. Goryo haunted their murderers. If their deaths were unsolved, they demanded others to bring their murderer to justice.

For this reason, solving their murder was usually a good way of getting rid of them. The killer had to confess his crime in writing and place the scroll in a special shrine. [2]

Known Goryo Edit

Shosuro Rokujo

Shosuro Rokujo, a Goryo


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