Goraiku Dojo was near the eastern cliffs of Tani Senshio, training the samurai of the Moshi. It taught the Mantis Bushi and Storm Legion schools. [1]

History Edit

The dojo continued the Goraiku family's tradition of intense physical training combined with a thorough grounding in guerrilla warfare, kyujutsu and kenjutsu. While the main building was above ground, many of the outlying buildings were connected to tunnels that bore down into the earth near the cliff face and the surrounding area, allowing it as a point of defense if an invading force ever managed to scale the cliffs. [1]

Traditions Edit

Students of Goraiku Dojo wore a Centipede mon with a yumi superimposed lengthwise over the centipede. These students were not recognized out­ side of the Mantis lands, but those who knew of the dojo respected the students for their hard work and perseverance. [1]

Dojo Benefits Edit

Those trained at this dojo had good relations with anyone of the Mantis Clan, and were favored by male Moshi and members of the Hida family. They excelled in the use of any bow. [2]

Notable Sensei Edit


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