Gopti was a Guru of the Ivory Kingdoms who moved to Journey's End Keep after his homelands were ruined by Kali-Ma. [1]

Exiled Again Edit

Gopti, a monastic holy man, was able to see through the human guise of a man called Doji Chonitsu, and recognized the demonic creature within, an immortal Rakshasa. Chonitsu was actually Raniyah the Sly posing as an influential Rokugani to gather rare materials she needed to help break the prison housing her fellow rakshasa a milennia ago. The confrontation between Chonitsu and Gopti resulted in the old man and his family being exiled to a less-settled and more dangerous province to the south, [1] a region ruled by a Dragon lord named Mirumoto Kokure. A local merchant associated to Chonitsu, Ide Uchi, had claimed they were harassing his business. Local magistrate Shinjo Juntao ordered them to exile from Journey's End Keep in response to Uchi's complaints. Gopti's relatives had broken into Ide Uchi's warehouse on two occasions trying to intercept crysteel items the Rakshasa needed for its dark needs. [2]

Framed Edit

Two months later a Rokugani, Mirumoto Bakane, was killed at Shiro Hebi, and Mirumoto Kokure ordered to arrest the gaijin as culprits. A group of samurai appeared and began to question them, about Chonitsu's activities. Gopti and his family told everything they knew about the Rakshasa. The samurai investigated the murder and exposed Tamori Tamanako as the culprit, a shugenja-ko of the Second City who had been blackmailed by Chonitsu into murdering Bakane and pinning the blame on Gopti. The old man told the samurai to go into the jungle and find his fellow guru, who might knew how to deal with the rakshasa. [3]


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