The Golden Legion was an Imperial Legion created under the rule of Hantei XVI.

Founding Edit

The name was given by Hantei XVI, the Golden Chrysanthemum, to the new Imperial Legion created in 591, with the duty to patrol the roads of the Empire. The idea was first proposed by the Emerald Champion and Crane Clan Champion Doji Rin, expecting to appoint his brother as commander. The paranoic Emperor saw a sinister plot to create an army outside of his control, so he instead placed his friend Miya Karuo in charge of it. [1] Many of the Hiruma joined the new Legion. [2]

Structure Edit

The Golden Legion was made up of two hundred independent squadrons, each one comprising twenty soldiers commanded by a gunso, plus one or two Miya or Hiruma assigned as messengers. Each squadron was assigned to patrol a specific road along with the villages and cities on it. [3]

Shift Edit

Originally the unit was formed with idealistic samurai who provided a valuable service to the people of the Empire. When Hantei XVI's paranoia became more pronounced, these soldiers were slowly replaced with dishonorable samurai, bullies and thugs, attracted by the selfish and hedonist leader Karuo. The legion began to extort the villages it once protected, and they also smuggled illegal and exotic goods. [3]

Disbanded Edit

In 608 Karuo was accused by the Steel Chrysanthemum of treason. He was tortured and executed, alongside all of the senior officers, and the Golden Legion disbanded. [4]


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