Golden Frogs of the Kaeru
Created by: Tanzan
First used by: Kaeru family
Currently in the possession of: Several

The Golden Frogs of the Kaeru were twelve highly detailed netsukes resembled a golden frog holding an item.

Crafted Edit

The Golden Frogs were the work of a powerful shugenja named Tanzan that owed an enormeus gambling debt to the Kaeru family in the City of the Rich Frog. Tanzan fashioned the Frogs demostrating their abilities, and the Kaeru forgave the debt for the twelve golden netsuke. [1]

Shape and abilities Edit

The frogs, potent charms of good luck, were carved in 1066 of solid amber, with a large insect frozen eternally in the middle of each one. [2] Each netsuke had a golden frog holding a item, all different. The item shown the benefit the frog carry with her.

Ownership Edit

The Kaeru ended selling the Frogs to an Asahina Shugenja, but bandits raided the caravan transporting them and were lost. Iuchi Karasu was known to own one. Kemmei of the Tortoise Clan was rumored to hold another. Asahina Dorai, the grandson of the fetishist who originally paid for the netsuke, owned four of them. [2]

Another Frog was kept by the Kaeru, and a second was held by Ikoma Korin, coming into his possesion shortly after the death of the treacherous Kaeru Meiji. [1] [3]

Several Frogs appeared in Gisei Toshi under Phoenix control by happenstance, after a Phoenix merchant patron acquired from the Crane some other commodities and were discovered in the bulk. [4]


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