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Gokuzi was a blacksmith who, according to legend, was the first to develop a fighting style that made farming implements into, what are largely known as today, peasant weapons. He created and utilized the first tonfa in the Lion city of Tonfajutsen, forcing the Emperor's own magistrates to cease their harassment of the heimin. Gokuzi was rapidly brought up on charges, testified against, and put to death. A small peasant shrine was said to exist in the woods outside the city, but few heimin were willing to show it to outsiders. [1]

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Legend of the Five Rings; Third Edition page 293 claims the name to be Gozuki, but it seems a typo. --Oni no Pikachu (talk) 20:33, July 30, 2012 (UTC)


  1. Game Master's Guide; 2nd Ed, p. 34

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