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Goju Zeshin

Goju Zeshin

Tsuruchi Zeshin was a bushi of the Mantis Clan who fell to the Shadow Dragon becoming the ninja Goju Zeshin. When the Spider Clan was founded he became one of his members.

Birth and rebirthEdit

Zeshin began his existence as a member of the Tsuruchi family. He served alongside his clansmen on their fleet. This came to the end in 1159 during Daigotsu's assault on Otosan Uchi, known as the Fall of Otosan Uchi. During the fighting, the young Tsuruchi was caught in a collapsing building and found himself pinned under a dead oni. Desperately not wanting to die, he prayed for delivery, a prayer that was answered by the Shadow Dragon. [1]


Embracing The Shadow and taking the name Goju Zeshin, he was trained by Chuda Mako as an assassin, and later he learned the Chuda courtier arts and in the arts of the Goju themselves, becoming a Dark Whisper Courtier. He was soon sent back to the Mantis lands as a spy. He 'holds court' in the back of a tea house, gathering information and influence from the shadows. While other Spider infiltrations of the Mantis have had a setback in recent times, Zenshin's network remained strong. [1]

Mantis Lands Edit

Zeshin was sent the Mantis Islands, working as an intermediary for mercenaries near Kyuden Kumiko. He managed to gather information which was funneled to Otomo Usharo, another Spider infiltrated there, who in turn passed to their lord Daigotsu. Whenever possible they passed on stories they 'heard' about a group of ronin who had taken to fighting banditry throughout the Empire. This propaganda was part of a plot of the Dark Lord to ifiltrate the Great Clans. [2]

Destroyer War Edit

In 1173 during the Destroyer War Zeshin was commanded to participate in the defense of the Fortress of Blackened Sight. He contacted Bayushi Hirose who was fighting a new type of blue hued Destroyers. The Shadowspan drew the attention of Hirose to a ward located in the thing's neck. The Scorpion managed to remove the guard, and the being turned on their kin, attacking them. [3]

Legacy Edit

Tsuruchi Zeshin's Gift was an area of the Unknown Lands in the Colonies named after him. [4]

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