Goju Shunsen

Goju Shunsen

Togashi Shunsen was a shugenja of the Dragon Clan who became tattooed. He was lured by the Shadow Dragon, becoming a minion of the Darkness, Goju Shunsen

Tattooed Edit

Shunsen trained in the Agasha Shugenja schoool, [1] a known philosopher and scholar. He later became an ise zumi well respected by his peers. Shunsen's later works, written years after receiving his first tattoo, delved into the concept of achieving enlightenment by contemplating nothingness. He created quite controversy, until he simply disappeared. [2] He had become a minion of the Darkness, Goju Shunsen.

Minion of the Darkness Edit

Shunsen had been a tortured soul, searching for the meanings of his constant nightmares and attempting to temper his innate lust for destruction by studying the Tao of Shinsei. He never found peace with the Togashi order, but when the Shadow Dragon took him in 1135, Shunsen found his true calling. He had become a cruel and calculating master of manipulation, and enjoyed nothing more than leading hapless fools to their dooms. [1]

Chased Edit

In 1157 Kitsuki Kiyushichi began a quest to find Shunsen. The Kitsuki found his writings likewise demonstrated a dangerous similarity to the Lying Darkness's philosophy. They pointed that Shunsen had become a willing servant of the Darkness, becoming one of the most dangerous type of Shadowspawn, those who retained a modicum of free will and personal identity. [2]

Mountain of Shadows Edit

When the Shadow Dragon created the Mountain of Shadows, Shunsen found himself inexplicably drawn to it. Disobeying his master, the corrupted monk climbed the Mountain and saw the castle at its peak. In an alternate reality came from of Fu Leng's dreams, Shunsen had visited another Togashi monk and encouraged him to displace the Darkness from the Dragon Mountains. [1]

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