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Goju Nishiko

Goju Nishiko

Shosuro Nishiko was the lover of Shosuro Daimyo Shosuro Yudoka. [1] She was lost to the Lying Darkness and became Goju Nishiko.

Avoiding the Exile Edit

Nishiko was one of the Scorpion who remained behind in Rokugan in secret during the rest of the clan's exile to the Burning Sands. Initially she was among the Scorpion Children who were fostered to the Crane Clan, but she was actually leading the non-corrupted shinobi of the Clan operating within the Empire. [2]

Hidden Emperor Edit

When Emperor Toturi I was kidnapped in 1130, Nishiko sought to rescue him as a way of returning the Scorpion Clan from their exile. [3]

Shosuro Yudoka Edit

Shosuro Nishiko

Shosuro Nishiko

After Nishiko liberated Shosuro Yudoka from the care of the Crane Clan they became best friends. During their gempukku Nishiko managed to take the Shadow Brand instead of Yudoka, arguing that if she was lost to the Lying Darkness she was less skilled and therefore a lesser threat in the future. After the Scorpion Clan returned from their exile, Nishiko and Yudoka were separated by their duties. [1]

Shinobi began fall into Shadow Edit

Of the seventeen men who were to join the hidden Shosuro Shinobi school with Nishiko, only ten had survived. The rest faded into nothing, as once did the Goju family. [4]

Fall to Nothing Edit

Nishiko was sent by Bayushi Aramoro to hunt the Goju in the Morikage forest, who began to act openly after Shosuro had escaped from the Chamber of Crystal at Kyuden Hitomi. [5] It was not until the Battle of Oblivion's Gate that she finally succumbed to the corruption by the Nothing, became a Goju Ninja and lost her identity. [6]

Since then she became a mindless minion of the Shadow Dragon, and was one of the reasons why Yudoka tirelessly hunted down all Shadow-ninja - wishing to put Nishiko to rest. [1]

Hunted Edit

In 1159 Yudoka, alongside with his student Bayushi Tai, moved to the Kaiu Wall, currently under the control of Daigotsu's forces, the Lost. Goju Nishiko was lured by Yudoka, and she was in a brisk to be destroyed by her nemesis, but eventually she escaped. [7]

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