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Please note: This article is about the Boar sensei lost to the Shadow. For other uses of the term, please see Kommei (disambiguation).

Heichi Kommei was a bushi of the Boar Clan who eventually became corrupted by the Nothing, becoming Goju Kommei.

The Lair Edit

Kommei was a yojimbo of the Jomei, the Boar ruling family at the Lair, a remote and isolated valley in the Twilight Mountains. After decades of service he was appointed as leading sensei of the Heichi Bushi school. [1]

Corrupted by the Lying Darkness Edit

In the late 8th century Kommei disappeared, kidnapped by the Nothing. Utterly corrupted the old teacher was gone, replaced by Goju Kommei, a shadowy copy. Students of the Heichi Dojo began to vanish since Kommei returned, only to be found wandering the slopes of mountain Regret days later. These students formed a group of faceless shadowspan that were gathered at Eiko no Mori. Kommei was forced to disappear when he was exposed by a pair of Crab samurai guests, Kuni Aoki and his companion Hiruma Otoru. [1]


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