Goju Hoseki

Goju Hoseki

Kuni Hoseki was the handmaiden of the Hida Kisada’s wife. She was later known as Goju Hoseki, the Ninja Mystic.

Replaced Edit

The true Kuni Hoseki was murdered when infant. While Hoseki was a child, she did not realize her true nature. [1]

Handmaiden Edit

Hoseki had no magic abilities and was sent to Kyuden Hida to serve as a handmaiden for the wife of Hida Kisada, Hida Tsuriko, after the birth of his youngest son, Hida Sukune. [1]

Revealed Edit

Though she failed to take her place as a Kuni Shugenja she felt the shadows in the same way the shugenja said she should sense the elements. [2] After a monk explained to Hoseki about the Shadow, she let her soul be consumed by the Nothing. She became a Goju, able to use the shinobi sorcery which burned in her soul, the black-shadow of the true ninja. [1]

Partially Consumed Edit

Ninja Mystic

Ninja Mystic

To Hoseki, the Darkness was the family and purpose she had always been missing. Eighteen years of existence were intentionally and completely annihilated. [3] During the War Against Shadow Hoseki lost her name and became simply the creature known as Ninja Mystic. [4] Her fierce drive to become one with the Darkness was rewarded by Goju Adorai, and the Ninja Mystic became one ot the most powerful extensions of the Darkness, and yet somehow was never completely absorbed by it. [5]

Minion of the Shadow Dragon Edit

Lying Darknes Destruction Edit

Ninja Mystic 2

Ninja Mystic

The Lying Darkness was destroyed in the Battle of Oblivion's Gate, and the Shadow Dragon became its true heir. The Goju and the Ninube, in the middle of the Shadowlands quickly became tainted, without their Master's protection. Hoseki remained to exist at the whim of her new master, the Shadow Dragon. [6]

Ninube Family Edit

Many Ninube were unwilling to join the ranks of Fu Leng or became followers of his dragon's pet. They were inexorably drawn to a place deep in the Shadowlands, were they found the Ninja Mystic. She told the duty of the Ninube was to bring down the Shadow Dragon and restore the Darkness to its rightful state outside the influence of the Dark Kami. The Ninube believed Hoseki was the human face of a new Darkness, though much weaker, and used their magic to build the Ninube Temple. Through her, the Shadow Dragon commanded the Ninube. [6]

Resistance Edit

Though the Ninja Mystic's power was part of the Shadow Dragon, she fought against the power of her new master and attempted to return the Darkness to its previous state. Unknown to even the great Shadow Dragon, her influence extended without its consent. [5]

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Ninja Mystic 3

Ninja Mystic

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