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Goju Asagi

Goju Asagi

Goju Asagi was a tainted ninja and assassin of the Spider Clan.

Asagi's Degeneration Edit

Daigotsu Gahseng had known Asagi long before they travelled to Ryoko Owari Toshi on a mission (see below). The Goju was different then, in Gahseng's opinion he had become a thing that was nothing like the man he had known, he even wondered if there was anything left of the old Asagi but his name. [1]

Hunting the Ebon Daughter Edit

While the Destroyer War was raging Asagi served with Daigotsu Setsuko under Daigotsu Gahseng. The trio was sent to Ryoko Owari Toshi to find the Ebon Daughter and they did. [1]

Otomo Taneji Edit

Asagi learned that an important Imperial, Otomo Taneji, the daimyo of the Otomo family was in the city and that his assassination was planned. The three Spider kept an eye on Taneji. When he and his yojimbo Seppun Goharu were attacked, the trio intervened, saved the two Imperials' life, escorted them safely to their quarters and saw to it that the corpses of the attackers were disposed in order to not cause any disquiet in the city. This earned them, but their commander Gahseng first and foremost, the gratitude of Otomo Taneji, whose patronage later helped Gahseng to join the Empress' Guard. [1]

Discovery of the Ghul Lord Edit

Asagi and the others found the hideout of the Ebon Daughter in the Leatherworker's Quarter in Ryoko Owari Toshi. They discovered that the Ghul Lord, once an ally of Daigotsu, now sided with the Ebon Daughter and Kali-Ma. He was responsible for the supernatural plague that ravaged the land and it was he who controlled the Plague Zombies. [1]

Death of the Ghul Lord Edit

Gahseng assembled a strike team that included a multi-clan group of young samurai [2] and they confronted the Ghul Lord in his lair within the Leatherworker's Quarter. [3]

When the fight seemed desperate, Gahseng ordered everyone to leave. He would stay behind and buy them enough time to burn the building down to ensure the Ghul Lord's death. In truth, Gahseng needed solidarity to use the powers his Taint had granted him to better fight his foe. Daigotsu had also given weapons that would be able to kill the Ghul Lord. Gahseng would succeed, but the Scorpion Clan would burn down Ryoko Owari Toshi. [3] If Asagi took part in the recruitment of help and joined the assault on the Ghul Lord, he did not distinguish himself, unlike the trio's other members, Daigotsu Gahseng and Daigotsu Setsuko, did.

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