Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Children: Treasure

Goioe, most commonly known as "Raspy", was an eta of Ryoko Owari and headman of his community, who called themselves as "Leatherworkers". He was a crusty old man who had a protege, "Eyebrows", [1] and his second in command was "Pitiful". [2]

Opium Edit

His community earned money with their activities in the city, something unusual for the eta. Booze and opium was the few luxuries an eta could afford to buy, and Raspy was concerned by the drug increasing consumption among the younger Leathenvorkers. [2] He did not know his own son Treasure was an opium seller. [3]

View on Eta Seggregation Edit

Some leatherworkers believed the eta were not all equal, and lobbied to seggregate the real leatherworkers, the Kageshiru or stinkers, and the mortuary workers in the different neighborhoods of the quarter. Raspy opposed these ideas. [4]

Naritoki's death Edit

One of the city's Emerald Magistrate, Ashidaka Naritoki, seemed honest and upright at first. It gradually was realized it was all a shame, masking self-interest and greed. In 1122 Eyebrows and Raspy agreed that the opium flow into his community could only get worse as long as Naritoki was in charge. So Eyebrows managed to kill Naritoki. [5]


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