Gohuri was most probably the crafter of the Gohuri's Jade Goblet. Little was known about him.

Death Edit

During the wedding of an Emperor's daughter Gohuri climbed onto the Emperor's Road and walked past everyone. He was questioned by a Captain of the Imperial Guard, and Gohuri held oult a jade goblet, saying the Empire's worth would not fit into the cup. Gohuri dared to request the Captain to attempt filling the cup, and swore he would reward him with the Empire if he was successful. Next words between the both were ill, and the samurai cut the man on the spot. He broke the goblet and thrown into a trash heap. [1]

Magical and Deathly Goblet Edit

Days later the goblet was found by the Imperial bride among her wedding gifts, looking as if it had seen a great deal of use, so rhe girl passed it to her attendants. During night they played a game of chance to decide who would get the cup, but eventually tempers rose and they bludgeoned one another to death. The next morning the deads were found, and the shugenja took the tablet to investigate any evil inside. The next day all of the priests had died by their own hands. Any other attempt to discover the secrets of the nemuranai only found death as answer. [2]

Imperial Nemuranai Edit

Finally, the captain who killed Gohuri saw the cursed goblet, recognizing it. He brought it in front of the Emperor, telling Gohuri's riddle. The Emperor took his sakezuki pitcher and attempted to fill the cup with water, to no avail. Within seconds the cup was dry, and no sign of the water remained. The Jade goblet remained a mystery, and a small shrine was built at Otosan Uchi to house the artifact. [3]


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