Gohei's Daisho 
Gohei's Daisho
Created by: Unknown
First used by: Matsu Gohei
Currently in the possession of: Lion Clan

Gohei's Daisho was the daisho wielded by Matsu Gohei. After the death of Gohei in the Burning Sands [1] the gaijin Al-Hazaad returned Gohei's daisho to the Lion, and told his bravery would be remembered and that Gohei died with much honor. The lie was barely noticeable, and after all, it was what the Lion wished to hear. [2]

Abilities Edit

The daisho was a hungry blade, so any wound it inflicted would not be healed by normal means. [3]

Recovery Edit

The blades were lost for decades until a deathseeker named Akodo Senichi found them lying beside him shortly after he awoke from a strange dream [3] in 1172. This year Senichi ultimately died [4] and Matsu Sasake took the daisho. [3]

Dark Oracle of Water Edit

Somehow Matsu Turi, the Dark Oracle of Water, impersonated Sasake and took the blades. He used the daisho to grievously wound Isawa Mizuhiko, hunter of the Dark Oracles, but instead of killing him Mizuhiko was transformed by the Bloodsword Judgement in the persona of Handan, who exacted the death of Turi. The Lion Clan recovered the daisho and kept them for safekeeping. [3]

Known Wielders Edit

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