Goblin Shaman 2

Goblin Shaman

The Goblin Shamans were those few goblin shugenja that did manage to produce some magic. Goblins were not very good at magic as they lacked the focus and discipline that made most spellcasters effective. They had a hard time doing it, and an even harder time doing other things at the same time. [1]

Types Edit

Goblin Healer

Goblin Healer

While most goblin shaman simply mimic the actions of others, developing latent magical talent entirely by accident, Goblin Wizards had learned to master both the blood-magic, maho, and the purer elemental Rokugani magic. [2] Some wizards focused their skills on offensive maho, but others became twisted “healers.” [3] Most goblin shaman dressed in robes and wore wicker masks woven into fearsome faces. [4]

Omoni Edit

The Sculptor of Flesh, Omoni, found a new way to increase their ranks, binding a Kansen to the living body of a goblin. [5]

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