Born: Unknown 
Died: 1160 
Parents: Kiriai

Giretsu was the son of Kiriai, a former Mirumoto who had joined the Wolf Legion. He was raised in the ronin village of Nanashi Mura, where his father was the main contact of the Legion there. [1]

Death Edit

Influenced by tales of power and great wealth, Giretsu left his father and joined the bandit gang Knives of Yugoro. They attacked merchants traveling from Toi Koku to Nanashi Mura, and several of them were brutally murdered alongside with their ronin guardsmen. His father would commit seppuku if the nature of Giretsu's actions was disclosed publicly. In 1160 Kiriai appointed a group of wandering samurai, who took care of the matter, acting with compassion and discretion. [2]


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