The Gifts of Ryoshun were a series of talismans created by the Kami Ryoshun.

Creation Edit

Unlike the other Kami, Ryoshun had no descendants or followers to bear his name and celebrate his memory in the mortal world. In order to correct this issue, Ryoshun delved into the essence of each of the Spirit Realms under his protection and crafted a series of talismans to be given to those individuals worthy of his blessing. [1]

Talisman Original Bearer Current Bearer
Chikushudo Daidoji Yaichiro Daidoji Yaichiro
Gaki-do Kakita Hideshi Kakita Hideshi
Jigoku Kaiu Taru Unknown
Maigo no Musha Moto Hotei Moto Hotei
Meido Hida Ubogin Hida Ubogin
Sakkaku Shosuro Uyeda Shosuro Uyeda
Tengoku Doji Hakuseki Doji Hakuseki
Toshigoku Utaku Remi Utaku Remi
Yomi Shiba Miiko Shiba Miiko
Yume-do Asahina Beniha Asahina Beniha

Choosing side Edit

The selected ones had to choose if they aided the bearer of the Hand of the Jade Dragon or the bearer of the Hand of the Obsidian Dragon.

Jade Edit

Obsidian Edit


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