RPG Information Edit

Giama no Oni

Giama no Oni

Giama no Oni, the Crazed Oni

Statistics Edit

Air 5 Earth 3 Fire 4 Water 4
Reflexes 5 Stamina 7 Agility 5 Strength 6
Awareness 5 Willpower 3 Intelligence 4 Perception 4
Attack 8k4
Damage 10k2
Armor 6
TN to be Hit 25
Wounds 20: -1
40: -3
80: Dead

Special Abilities Edit

Fear 4: The oni attacks to punish the defender, reducing them to their rest essentials before passing on from Jigoku. The demon effectively deconstructed them and left nothing but their core essence to pass on.

Clan War Statistics Edit

TN: 7, W: 5, ATT: +2, DAM: +2, #S: 1

Major References Edit

  • Legacy of the Forge, Page 42.

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