Giama no Oni

Giama no Oni

Giama no Oni was an oni summoned by a Kitsu Shugenja within a Hirajiro in the Plains of Battle. Its duty was to guard the scroll which was the last part of a ritual to command the Legacy of the Forge. [1]

Losing its name Edit

In 1122 a dishonorable Kitsu Sodan Senzo, Kitsu Goden, and a Shadow Branded instigator, Bayushi Sozui, moved to the hirajiro and attempted to retrieve the scroll. The oni confronted the couple and forced them back, but the Lying Darkness lashed out at the creature, stealing its name away. [1]

The Crazed Oni Edit

The oni initially fled, overwhelmed by the Shadow's might, but it eventually had used an Amaterasu's crystal figurine which made the Shadow to retreat. The creature lost its mind alongside with its name, and it believed the fight was a trial sent by Emma-O, Fortune of the Dead. Giama no Oni became very protective of the statue, and Giama no Oni thought Amaterasu had sent to it her blessings. [2]

Scroll Edit

A group of samurai managed to convince the oni to pass them the scroll the demon guarded. [3]

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