Ghuls were undead from the Burning Sands, mostly seen in Medinaat al-Salaam where they lurked in the sewers beneath the great city. Most ghuls were under the control of the infamous Jackal Necromancers, but were not their exclusive domain. [1]

Senpet Edit

Ghuls also appeared with some frequency in the Senpet lands, due to the long-standing traditions of mystical human sacrifice in the religion of the Ten Thousand Gods. Sometimes the human sacrifices involved magic and this occasionally led to accidents in which the corpses rose from the dead. Ghuls did not retain much intelligence but were much stronger than the average human being. The Senpet quickly disposed of such threats with specially trained Ghul Hunters. Ghuls were considered an abomination, but they intentionally created ghuls of those humans they desired to condemn for the eternity. [2]

Creating a Ghul Edit

Hungry Ghul

Hungry Ghul

There were several means of creating ghuls, but all of them ultimately involved magic derived from the Senpet and Qabalistic traditions. The Jackals also possessed a powerful artifact called the Soul of the Slayer which could turn a living person into a ghul without performing elaborate magic rituals. [3] Although they possessed an intrinsic cunning, ghuls had little real volition of their own, and could easily be brought under the control of a powerful leader. [4]

Ghuls and the Spider Edit

Jackals Kiss

Fatina commanding ghuls

After the Monkey Man allied with Daigotsu, some jackals had joined the Spider Clan adding ghuls to the clan's arsenal. [5] [4]

Ghul Lord Edit

Some ghuls became strong enough to take authority over their undead brethren. They retained vestiges of the intelligence they possessed in life and could use Skills and even sometimes cast spells. They also developed the ability to increase their power by consuming the essence of other undead. These creatures were called Ghul Lords, and they sometimes became embroiled with each other in struggles for dominance. [6]

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