Ghul Lord

A Ghul Lord

The Ghul Lord was a ghul who became strong enough to take authority over their undead brethren. They sometimes became embroiled with each other in struggles for dominance. [1]

Abilities Edit

They retained vestiges of the intelligence they possessed in life and could use Skills and even sometimes cast spells. They also developed the ability to increase their power by consuming the essence of other undead. [1]

The stronger ones could have regeneration abilities as well. Even after they were beheaded, dismembered, or torn in pieces, the corpse would regenerate with time and the pieces joined and healed. The rate of regeneration could be very quick, within minutes. [2]

Daigotsu Edit


Th'lazz, a Ghul Lord

Th'lazz, a Ghul Lord [3] who was an undead raised by the Jackal in the Burning Sands [4] crossed the desert to meet the Dark Lord Daigotsu in the City of the Lost. [5] He was so powerful that had incurred the jealousy of its undead peers, who conspired to drive it into exile. [6] The Ghul Lord advised him about a wave of destruction that would come to the Empire. The Lord worked for the Shadowlands as a part of the alliance the Jackal made with Daigotsu and the Spider Clan. [4]

Plague Edit

In 1171 in the Fingers of Bone, alongside the Master Saleh, the Ghul Lord explained how the Plague Zombies and its plague disease worked. [7]

Ghul Lord at Ryoko Owari Edit

In 1172 the Ebon Daughter bought a building with cellar space and two levels at Ryoko Owari Toshi. From there she and the Ghul Lord would spread further the plague, using the zombies as puppets. Their activities were under scrutiny of servants of Daigotsu, who saw the Ghul Lord as a traitor to the Dark Lord. [8] It was not clear if this Ghul Lord was Th'lazz, or another individual.

Death Edit

The Ghul Lord had finished a ritual that he believed it would bring the Empire to its knees when a samurai group entered in the building. The Ebon Daughter fled while the Lord fought Kakita Hideo, Yoritomo Saburo, Mirumoto Ichizo, Hiruma Akio, and Daigotsu Gahseng. The group overwhelmed him, and after the rest left, Gahseng used a jewel encrusted gaijin dagger to effectively end the Ghul Lord's life, negating the regeneration ability. [2]

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